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Why we organize so many international Pitch Events?

During my teenage years I was a student at a small art school in Dendermonde, Belgium. For years I was the first in class until I got too much interested by another girl in another class. I spend not too much time drawing and a classmate with less talent but more focus and dedication became first. Lesson 1.

At the age of 19, I got the opportunity to go to New York thanks to that same art school. I was also following the classes for art history based on the book “Art from Altamira till present” by F. Adriaens. The Cave of Altamira is located near Santillana del Mar in Cantabria, Spain and is renowned for prehistoric parietal cave art. So I made a list of all the musea and galleries I wanted to visit. Pop Art was my all-time favourite but I was most impressed by The Met Cloisters. Specialized in European medieval architecture, sculpture and decorative arts. Art from Europe in New York. It felt a bit like not hanging or standing at the right place. This visit made me very humble. I understood that being the first in my little art school meant nothing. Not that you can not be a great artist from a small village, too many examples, but when you bring all the best artists in the world together, you understand what is exceptional. Reading their biographies I understood that focus and dedication were as important as talent. When you meet the best in the world, you understand where you stand. Lesson 2.

That is why we organize as much as possible international pitch events as we see that local startups can be/feel big in their home country, but everything changes ones you get out of your comfort zone. A startup by default wants to go worldwide and even when you are very good locally you still need the international mindset. You will feel it in your pocket when you sell your shares or get invested in.

We are also very happy to announce the very first Startup Weekend Women in our coworking space Urla Coworking. We are looking for partners, so please reach out!

‘DM is the abbreviation, like Direct Message, but in this case, I am talking about pure nostalgia. Depeche Mode. Started in 1980 and still active. Depeche Mode had 54 songs in the UK Singles Chart and 17 top 10 albums in the UK chart. They have sold more than 100 million records worldwide. Listen here, video is also very nice btw.

Kolay gelsin,

Patrick Bosteels

Stage-Co, Urla Coworking, Now Sprint! Accelerator and Creative Academie co-founder, Facilitator, Accelerator Program Manager and Mentor

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