Why does Patrick Bosteels want to run a Startup Accelerator?

A question I asked myself too. I could, of course, start with the fact that I started many companies, raised money, sold companies, acted as a CEO too many times. That would underline my experience. I was involved in the 1st Startup Bootcamp in Istanbul and worked together with Ersin Pamuksuzer. For those who know Ersin, that is a good reference although he is a very colourful person. See my interview with him. My education is maybe less reassuring, art school with film and photography as my main topics. I tried as an artist but that ended even before it started.

Giving back to society is also very hot but that would be too many roses on the table. I never understood society as its an ensemble of crooks, hard-working people, power people and stupid people. So who do you give back too? I prefer to be more specific and if I already have to give anything it is to my kids, as they missed too much with an entrepreneur as padre-non-familias.

As I like to give as advice to entrepreneurs, understand your competition, I did the same. Sometimes I knew the people behind, sometimes through startups and of course the all amazing internet. Apart from many Startup Weekends, Hackathons, Workshops, Ideathons, Mentoring and being active on a full-time basis in the Turkish startup ecosystem, there is room for improvement, not to say there is close to nothing that really is startup-minded. You all have seen the website where programs are claimed, never THE program is to be found, and a long list of mentors and partners to impress you. That is the easiest way but apart from reference diarrhea nothing much happens as I understand from al the startup teams I spoke in recent years. Good for me as I want to create a real, positive impact. I love blue oceans.

A good program needs a good captain. Of course in the execution, the team is as important. As false modesty is still false, and we learned that this is not something to adhere, I believe that I am a good captain who can set out the traject. Many workshops later, over 7 years, and learning from the feedback, I claim to be very good at what I do. Bam. Knowledge, empathy and experience are what I bring to the table. With Now Sprint! Accelerator I am convinced to bring a real solution for what startups/entrepreneurs need, especially early stage. If I would not believe this then what can the participants take home? Nothing. That is why I give the 8 workshops, the backbone of the program myself, combined with great mentors and partners and real investors at DemoDay. Online for our first one for obvious reasons.

My motivation is just as transparent. I believe a better future is only possible by giving young entrepreneurs, young in years or experience, the right tools and mindset to become successful. I want them to be successful as I understand the importance of creating solutions for real problems with a positive impact. That is good for all of us. Every time I can help an entrepreneur by just nice words or insights, it makes me happy to see them succeed. That is my why. I like it and it makes me happy. I understand it is cool to put all possible buzz words in 2 sentences and at the end say nothing. Not my ballgame. Success and happiness sleep in the same bed. That simple.

Patrick Bosteels



cofounder Stage-Co; UrlaCoworking; hiGİ NGO and Now Sprint! Accelerator

Stage-Co, Urla Coworking, Now Sprint! Accelerator and Creative Academie co-founder, Facilitator, Accelerator Program Manager and Mentor