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We said we would do Acceleration and Bootcamps. Here we go.

We have a 5-year plan and like every plan, you need to start with step 1. Don’t be surprised but step 1 took us about 5 years only and that was to build a community around startups in and around Türkiye. It took a bit longer as we were trying out different formats and offerings. The result of this product/market fit search was very quickly understood but we struggled with the how for quite some time. Deciding on starting our own coworking space was an important pivot and even more doing this in Urla, near İzmir. As we are bootstrapping we do most of the work like painting and decorating ourselves and we are very lucky to have friends who care about our project. One friend even brought a huge amplifier/speaker system for our theatre room. Now we can blow that sound all around!

We started already with the workshops, on our own initiative or by third parties and that is going very well. Next steps are the Accelerator Programs and Bootcamps. We see them as essential to get startups ready for the national and international scene. The only challenge is to get sponsors and/or partners as nobody wants to invest in programs. So be it, it will not stop us so we will start offering these programs paid and see where it goes. We hope in this way to attract the attention of universities and companies, we also offer intrapreneurship, and show them the way. I don’t like to say it but here a good Inşallah makes a lot of sense. I consider ourselves now at step 4, not counting years anymore, with step 5 being able to offer our services in a sustainable way and grow further. We are young, so we have time :-D

An amazing artist, Bobby McFerrin. You probably know him singing “Don’t worry be happy”. No need for a band, he can do it all with his voice and talent. Drive is a great song showing his talent but also the lyrics are great and any startup should do the same. Accelerate and leave everything behind you. Ask the founders of iyzico, founded in 2013 by German-born Turks, Barbaros Özbuğutu and Tahsin Isın. Started out with 3 people, now more than 150 people. In total gathered 28 million USD of investment and sold for 165 million USD. You do the math. Drive and let them behind you. Listen here!

Kolay gelsin,

Patrick Bosteels

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