Startup Weekend Istanbul, May 8th, 2015

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The Stage-Co team has been on the road for 3 days, in 3 cities selecting a startup winner during a pitch competition. The 3 winners go to the 2nd round of the Pirate Summit in Cologne beginning of September. During this crazy roadshow we met with almost 30 startups. It was great to meet so much young people who are working on their startup! You can see the pictures here

We talked during our introduction about the importance of trying your idea out at a maximum. Not with your brother, mother, father or friends but with the “potential buyers”. Next to the trying, also learn how a team works together. Is the team complete? Do you like your team members etc. The ideal way to test yourself, your ideas and your skill is to attend a Startup Weekend. Nothing beats the experience you build up during a long weekend working intense with people you probably did not know before.

We look forward to meet you and enjoy this unique experience!

The org Team

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Stage-Co, Urla Coworking and Now Sprint! Accelerator co-founder, CoderDojo Turkiye co-founder, Facilitator, Accelerator Program Manager and Mentor

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