Nothing wrong to share your pain as a cancer patient.

My last selfie was with a great bottle of olive oil, this time it is with my chemo pump. It is that week again that chemo comes with all disadvantages. Metal taste, no envy to eat, even detest things I normally love. Weird, annoying feeling in arms and legs. Bad sleep. Bad toilet (no details here). And tired, tired. I am sharing this not to get your compassion or sympathy (but it does help a lot). I am thinking and celebrating all those going through the same sh*t. Keep the faith and the hope compatriots. Also to thank, in the first place my wife for ALWAYS being there, my kids and grandchildren and friends. I am very lucky with the friends and network mainly through my wife and who are also a great support to her. Too many people to thank and grateful to enjoy the great support of Turkish healthcare. Thank you!

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