Learn from the past and continue building the future.

I guess by now we understand that complaining in a corner is not going to help you. That is why I love the quote from John Wooden. His coaching philosophy was a simple one, and he believed that many coaches over complicate things. His view was that basketball is a simple game, so why make it complicated? He said: “I think the coach’s job is to prepare players to play and then let them do it. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. That easy. Despite all the things that are going wrong, we must not stop preparing for a better future.

In that way I am very happy we started Now Sprint! Accelerator during the pandemic. We had a great event in Izmir, FikrimİZ Ideathon, and now Smart City Hackathon in Adana and of course a project that I can not wait to start, “Discover the Music in You”. This last one is part of a project we have been preparing for almost 2 years ago, called Creative Academie. We want to encourage creativity and collaboration among youngsters. Therefore we will start workshops around music, short film, cartoon drawing and many more, all based on Project-Based Learning and Cooperative Learning.

Project-Based Learning: Based on projects that respond to real-life problems or challenges, students acquire key knowledge and skills. It guarantees an effective development of skills and at the same time acquire knowledge.

Cooperative Learning: Together you can do more is the basis of cooperative learning. The impact on learning and exploring is strengthened in a positive way. It improves the attention, involvement and learning by the student. This approach of group-oriented projects are successful if each team-member performs his or her tasks at their best ability.

Theproject, “Discover the Music in You”, is possible thanks to the support of Spaces of Culture. We applied quite some time ago and we were very happy that it was not cancelled but changed into an online workshop. This is the beginning of a project we have been preparing for a long time. “Creative Academie”, a place with interactive workshops, unleashing the creativity in youngster combined with intense collaboration and coworking. The ideal start to encourage young people to become entrepreneurs. Our baseline for almost 8 years for Stage-Co: coworking , cocreation and collaboration. In Urla Coworking we found the right place, now the programs will follow. It has been a long ride but we are almost there.

Patrick Bosteels, patrick@stage-co.com

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Stage-Co, Urla Coworking, Now Sprint! Accelerator and Creative Academie co-founder, Facilitator, Accelerator Program Manager and Mentor