Dublin was amazing. Even the weather!

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Visiting the Google HQ in Dublin

Success is measured in numbers. And speed in go-to-market!

It is not my habit to come back to an event. I always felt it is like a romantic reflex as you have nothing in front of you. The visit to Dublin, thanks to Enterprise Ireland and the hard work of Nil and Peter, was more than remarkable. We were lucky this first trip was not too crowded as the agenda was. Apart from the must do’s like Linkedin, Google (see picture) and Twitter we also had great meetings at IDA, Trinity College, talking with the organizers of Launchbox Incubation Center, Dogpatch Lab Coworking Space, Enterprise Ireland HQ and Guinness Enterprise Center. That last one was very interesting as it was surprising how many startups went through this coworking space that is super well networked. Already 800 startups came here to work and in 2017 there is a combined effort of 20 Million Euro that will be invested. All of the places we visited and the people we talked to were very enthusiast about the collaboration with Enterprise Ireland, and that is no surprise.

I remember that it was a big deal when WebSummit moved to Portugal 2 years ago but I never really understood the fuzz. In 2016, 888 Million Euro was invested in the startup scene in Ireland, 18 Million by VCs in Portugal in 2016. Figures speak louder than fancy headlines.

We had a startup with us, Enigma.bio, and my purpose was to introduce Mete to the BioTech scene. Thanks to Enterprise Ireland that went with the light of speed and apart from the speed there was also the quality. Worldwide Ireland is the 2nd exporter of medical devices. Such a dense network is great for a fast forward in terms of R&D and go-to-market and is the ultimate test to validate your idea/prototype. I know Mete goes home with a lot of homework and an outlook that will help him getting Enigma forward after losing too much time in Turkiye. We have no investors with a long-term outlook, specifically for medical devices. Even the mentors are lacking with experience and network.

Arabesque is the blues of the US and for sure some folk songs are also more than sad enough to drink too much. Every time I visited Dublin I saw the statue of Molly Malone, who died too young of a fever. According to Wikipedia, free to consult in Dublin, she was selling mussels during the day and part-time bringing joy to men. It is not sure she really existed but it has become a symbol for Ireland. Enjoy the song here :-D

Kolay gelsin arkadaşlar (may the work be light my friends in Turkish).
Patrick Bosteels

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Coolest Awards from CoderDojo in Dublin was a blast!

We were very excited that for the first time a Turkish Ninja was part of Coolest Projects Awards! Selin Örnek is by far the coolest Ninja we met and she had a great project to show. As she loves her puppy a lot she created a necklace that was connected to her mobile app through Bluetooth. She was on stage to talk about her journey and her project, but more important that she had many more ideas. We truly hope she will be back next year. A special thanks to her parents who supported her and came together with Selin to this amazing event.

CoderDojo Turkiye is still growing as a volunteer movement throughout Turkiye. We thank all volunteers who are there every week to mentor the kids and teach them coding. Cross fingers we will have more participants for next year Coolest Projects! For more info see www.facebook.com/coderdojoturkiye or www.coderdojoturkiye.com

Contact: patrick@stage-co.com or nesen@stage-co.com

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