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patrick bosteels
2 min readJul 5, 2019

The Entrepreneurship World Cup was a success with 28 subscriptions in Türkiye, 10 live pitches and a great winner, Car4Future. They will go to the next round and visit Techstars Startup Week in Tallinn thanks to the E-Residence Program of Estonia. Big congratz to the winners. The biggest surprise was the moment they came to me and said they loved the work we do with Stage-Co. They were part of one of the very first Startup Weekends in Izmir, 5 years ago, and were very impressed. Today they are a startup, setting up their legal entity and ready to conquer the world. Talking about impact is nice but seeing the result is even better. This is why we do what we do.

The same thing will hopefully happen with our initiative to understand how to implement AgroTech bottom up. Our first meetup had over 40 participants and very lively discussions. We are preparing the follow up with the hiGI NGO team. Next to AgroTech we also focus on Volunteership with the kick off of CoderDojo in our space. Very exciting and a very big thanks to the 4th Dimension team who will be the first mentors!

We also started FFWD Bootcamps and are very happy to announce that we will welcome around 7 teams from the Republic of Macedonia thanks to Ksenija Vangelova, Chief Executive Director, The Regional Business Innovation Centre Strumica BICSR. We are inviting Turkish startups to join and collaborate. The FFWD Bootcamp will take a week of intense training and ending in a Pitch Event. More below.

As Audrey Hepburn pointed out “to plant a garden, is to believe in tomorrow”. That sums up nicely what we do with Stage-Co, Stagecoworking and hiGI NGO. The only difference is that we are like Orange trees. Grown from seed it takes from five to six years to produce fruit for the first time.

‘I am not so much of a soul and funk lover but I like to make an exception for Sly & the Family Stone with Hot Fun in the Summertime. It was the first major American rock group, established in 1966, to have a racially integrated, male and female lineup. Listen here and enjoy a true summer song!

Kolay gelsin,

Patrick Bosteels

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patrick bosteels

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